⏬LOCATION ▶Weather and Pool Temperatures

The Chart below shows an average of the Daily Highs for the first and last half of each month (Mar 15 to Dec 31 2019 + Jan 01 to Mar 31 2020 recorded temperatures).

OUR OWN MICRO-CLIMATE. We wondered for years why it was that the air temperature at Villa Seburga was always several degrees warmer than the weather forecasts suggested for the Saint Paul-de-Vence area as a whole.  On some days the outside temperature at the villa is as much as 8°C warmer!  We have come to the conclusion that Villa Seburga enjoys a 'micro-climate', due to the fact that the property is built on the side of a hill.  The hill itself, located behind the property, shelters the villa from any cold air heading our way from the north.  At the same time, the property faces south and southwest, maximising on the abundance of sunshine offered 300 days of the year.  The large mass of warm water in the swimming pool located just a few metres from the villa is another contributing factor as to why we can often enjoy 20°C, when the valley below us can be just 12°. 

POWERFUL POOL HEATING. Villa Seburga's Swimming Pool heating is provided by a 23 Kw capacity electrical Heat Pump from Hayward (imported from the USA), thermostatically set to 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit).  It is the most powerful heating system available in France for domestic pools, producing water temperatures up to 10°+ Celsius (18°+ Fahrenheit) warmer than unheated pools in Summer and up to 25° Celsius warmer during Winter months, a time when we cover the pool at nighttime to keep the heat in.   

WINTER SWIMMING EXPERIMENT.  We purchased special customised pool covers in November 2019 as an experiment to find out whether we could maintain the pool temperature at over 27°C throughout the winter.  Since the beginning of December 2019, we have been covering the pool overnight, then opening it up for a few hours during the day for those that fancy a dip in a warm pool in the middle of winter! It actually steams!  Helped by surprisingly warm days in February 2020, we have achieved pool temperatures of 29°C-30°C average - way above our target - from early December 2019 to the end of March 2020.  Having completed a full 12 months of uninterrupted pool heating, we can proudly declare that the experiment has been a success - and the Heated Infinity Pool at Villa Seburga is now officially 'Open to Guests' throughout the year.  The 'Villa Seburga Temperatures' chart above is updated every two weeks. Watch this space.... 
The latest updated chart was posted on April 01 2020.