⏬SERVICES ▶Chef prepared Dining at Villa Seburga

Dining on one of the terraces at Villa Seburga, with the most beautiful view of lights below you, is enchanting.  Many of our guests consider the ambience better than any restaurant!

Have a Chef come in.  If you would like to do this for say 5 or more evenings per week, we can probably arrange for a chef to prepare your meals at the Villa.
Have Gourmet Meals brought in.  If it is for just a couple of evenings only, we have another solution.  By arrangement with the Michelin Guide restaurant "Le Blanc Manger", the Chef Owner Brigitte Guignery, who speaks English, will prepare quality Gourmet meals for you to collect on your chosen evenings (except Mondays).  She can also provide meals for lunches at the weekend.  

The 'Le Blanc Manger' Restaurant has a reputation for high quality freshly prepared meals.  She will prepare 3 courses for each guest from just 30 Euros per head.  This is excellent value.  All you have to do is heat them up and serve!  Apply your own wine, drinks and coffees, and you have an inexpensive Gourmet meal for everybody.

As all her meals are homemade, Brigitte needs 48 hours notice, and will discuss your requirements (in English) when you phone to arrange the meals.  She can also discuss vegetarian and other requirements you may have.
"Le Blanc Manger" Restaurant with parking is just 10 minutes drive from Villa Seburga.  Maps and details available at Villa Seburga.

The following are examples of Menu choices on offer.  To facilitate the heating up process, you should keep the number of choices to say 2 different Starters and 2 different Main Courses between everybody.



- Galette de filets de rougets grillés gratinés à la mozarelle et au parmesan
  (Grilled Red Mullet filets topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese.)

- Croustillant de canard confit, vinaigrette pommes curry et foie chaud
  (Crispy Duck Confit with a sauce of curried apples and sautéed Foie Gras.)

- Risotto de gambas à la crème de homard
  (Risotto of prawns with lobster cream.)

- Risotto aux champignons du moment
  (Risotto with fresh seasonal mushrooms.)

Main Courses  

- Filet de daurade royale à la plancha, huile olive citron, févettes, tomates semi confites, artichauts, beignets de
  (Filet of sea bream cooked on a flat top grill with olive oil and lemon, broad beans, semi-confit tomatoes, artichokes,
   courgette fritters.)

- Dos de cabillaud , barigoule d’artichauts et légumes, jus de cuisson des artichauts monté coriander et citron confit
  (Cod fillet with stuffed artichokes and vegetables, cooked in the juice of artichokes with coriander and lemon confit.)

- Duo de joue de bœuf et foie gras chaud, sauce et raviolis d’une daube  
  (Duo of beef cheek and sautéed foie gras in a stew with ravioli.)

- Magret de canard, sauce miel et vinaigre vin vieux, purée pommes de terre montagne, marinade cèbette et
  tomates cerise
  (Duck breast, honey sauce and mature wine vinegar, mashed mountain potatoes, marinade of spring onions and
  cherry tomatoes.)


- Gâteau au chocolat noir et feuillantine 
  (Dark Chocolate cake with puff pastry.)

- Gros baba au rhum, crémeux citron, oranges flambées, jus suzette
  (Big Rum baba, creamy lemon, flamed oranges in a suzette sauce.)

- Millefeuille caramélisé aux pommes tatin 
  (Caramelized apple pie in layered puff pastry.)